Beforehand, it was the perfect away day. It was a Friday, and it was a bank holiday. Örebro, the city where AIK was playing in is only a two hour drive from Stockholm (in the Swedish league, that is a short driving distance, mind you). On top of this, the weather Gods didn’t get the spring memo and went full on summer on all the Swedes pale and sun starved skin.
I imagined myself that if I brought my camera to this away game, it would hinder my usual destructive alcohol consumption and maybe give my bank account some well deserved rest. You know, since I had a camera to take care of and all. I was wrong. Before the clock struck mid day, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, I must have drank me about 15 Pabst Blue Ribbons.
You have probably read more detailed and graphic away day depictions before, and you know what? I’m not apologetic at all. I saw the team that I love play football with people that I love, and snapped some pictures of it. Have a look, you ungrateful bastards.

Oh by the way, AIK lost 1-2.