I've been to the Camp Nou before but not Barcelona. I stayed in the outskirts. I was 15 years old with a brewing fascination over tactics and theory. For this reason, at the time, FC Barcelona intrigued me  because under Pep Guardiola they are one of the most incredible footballing teams and clubs of all time. 
When I went to Barcelona for the first time, I had grown as a person and a fan. The culture of the city was important to me. Gaudi, politics, food, football. It was all interesting. 
The city is wonderful. A beautiful layout of stupendous architecture mixed with a certain allure to everything. We travelled around the city and our iPhones counting 10s of thousands of steps per day. It was tough in the heat but worth it because exploring a city for the first time is warming and exciting. 
But it's the football that captivates the majority. A true cauldron of history surrounds you as you stand in the dugout. So many stories. And as you embark around the story, it's got an aura about it. One that brings you in and wants you to find out more. It's engrossing. 
Of course, as normal, we took the camera and got some snaps. Full gallery below.