As a street football OG, it was only right we grabbed and shot a pair of the Nike GATOs upon their renaissance back into the culture and more specifically, their return as more of a skate shoe rather than a football one. 
In 2013, the Swoosh's skateboarding sub-brand 'Nike SB' adopted a classic silhouette and released it as the 'Lunar GATO'. This didn't last long though and after a year or so, the GATO was benched again. 
It wasn't until hyped up street brand Supreme jumped on the OG football shoe and released a trio of colourways that the GATO truly returned. It's back, both in skate culture and football culture. After reading some skate reviews, the most recent release of this shoe isn't rated too badly on the skate scene. So, if you enjoy the odd shred then pick up a pair of these and test them out. 
This is just an icon livin'.