The internet-based 'artificial football team', Nowhere FC, are known for real-world tie dyed jerseys and their consistently good creative expression. They are no unveiling their brand new collection of home, away and goalkeeper shirts with Irish whiskey brand, Jameson, as the sponsor. 
The collection also includes scarves, bucket hats, badges and pins as well as the shirts to deliver a range of products to celebrate the partnership between the two. Three jerseys in total and all supporter items are set to be released ahead of St. Patrick’s Day 2021, as part of the Jameson ‘Join in’ campaign.
As March 17th approaches, Nowhere FC aimed to express historical culture with a modern flavour that transcends time and borders. The club and famous Irish whiskey brand have combined their unique colours that celebrate supporter culture in Ireland and can travel around the world allowing people to join in. 
Each shirt features bespoke hand dyed patterns in bright colours and is adorned with Jameson heraldry and the lucky number 7 as well as elaborate jacquard taping, woven patches, commemorative labels and flocks.
The Nowhere FC Jameson collection is available from 10 March 2021 on and