I was browsing through the depths of Twitter the other night, looking at some random stuff. All of a sudden one extraordinary profile popped up, this was @bandsfc. This is a marvellous design project, based on combining music bands logos with football teams crests. So simple yet so fresh and innovative! RHCP designed as FC Bayern Munich or AC Milan’s crest adjusted to resemble the open mouth form The Rolling Stones logo. 
One August weekend I met with Dawid to grab a couple pints of beer; we spend some time looking at the work of Bands FC and thought to ourselves, "why not create something similar and focus on best music clubs from all around the world?" We started to instantly compare the logos of Hacienda, Bassiani and others with the football crests, imagining the possibilities. Ideas kept coming and coming and as soon as I got sober the next day, I grabbed my stylus and designed the line-up for 'The Club Scene League': a pick of twelve best music clubs around the world having their logos redesigned as a football crests.  
Design: Kacper Sokol / Dawid Szalankiewicz (Matchday Mag)