CULTURE (noun)
1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
2. the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

Welcome to The Culture Division. A creative brand producing content that celebrates the game. Forget your tactics and statistical analysis. We're here for the true stories. The hard-hitting, the emotional, the fascinating. Defining ourselves as the explorers of football, we look to learn and share aspects of football from Venezuela to Mexico to Japan to Italy to Samoa and beyond. We are celebrating the culture. Fans, fashion, music, gaming, food, art and more.
We devotedly follow a sentiment of that this is truly the world's game. 'One World, One Game' is something that embodies our ethos and we strongly believe that football unites the world and spreads love. 
Football is forever. It's in our minds everyday. It's in our hearts constantly. Everything we do, as fans, revolves around this weird game. Whether it be what we are doing on the weekend, what game we are playing on our Xbox, what clothes we're gonna buy. Football is intertwined with everything. This is the behaviour of our society. The manifestations of our intellectuality colliding together to create something extraordinary: football culture. Fashion, music, food and everything in-between. 
Rise up. Join the revolution. Football is taking over every sub-culture and culture in the world. And we're here to stay.